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Where? Nick Galis Hall

Palais de Sport of Thessaloniki

The tournament will take place in the Palais de Sport, Alexandreio Melathron Nick Galis Hall on the 15th–16th of December, 2018

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  • Website: Hotel Capsis
  • Address: Monasthriou 16, 54629 Thessaloniki
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Capsis Hotel


  • For Transportation from and to “MACEDONIA” Airport follow the link

  • For transportation from hotel Capsis to Nick Galis Hall (Pale de Sport of Thessaloniki) use the bus No8 or the bus no 45 from Monastiriou Str. heading to city center of Thessaloniki.

  • To visit the historical and cultural monuments of Thessaloniki with OASTH's "CULTURAL" ROUTE use the bus No 50 The specially equipped bus, as it can be seen on the photo above, is appropriately decorated on the outside to be easily recognised, Route attendants distribute informational leaflets and offer additional information to provide passengers with the best services possible. The bus departs from the White Tower for a 50-minute tour around the city's main historical and cultural monuments. The tour is supported by a telematics based audio-visual material (in Greek and English), as well as by printed leaflets (also in Greek and English and soon in more foreign languages).

  • If you want to use public transportation you can find the route you want by using the OASTH telematic systemor you can download the “OASTH” app on your smart phone!

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Thessaloniki is a beautiful city, very friendly to visitors with many places to explore, things to do through your visit, very interesting gastronomy and amazing nearby escapes. Please visit Thessaloniki.Travel website where you can find all useful information you need

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